[ColdBox 3.5.1] SES onRequestCapture causing endless redirect loop?

Hey Guys,

Upon testing 3.5.1 on Dev, it keeps going into an endless redirect loop when calling setNextEvent with an SES url:


This works fine on 3.5.0 as I haven’t changed any code. My config and routes are setup like this (nothing special):


interceptors = [

with(pattern=“donate”, handler=“donate”)
.addRoute(pattern="/donate-now", action=“donatenow”, matchvariables=“headtitle=Donate”)
.addRoute(pattern="/donation-information", action=“donationinformation”)

For testing, I changed the SES interception point in 3.5.1 from onRequestCapture to preProcess (same as 3.5.0), restarted the cf service, and the it worked ok.

Is there anything I’m missing or needs to be set for this to work as is? Anyone else have this issue?