[coldbox-3.5.1] Submit form located inside coldbox to a page outside of coldbox

I would like to reuse a .cfm page that isn’t in ColdBox. I can do this by posting a form to that .cfm page. The only problem is the posting page is within the ColdBox framework.

I tried

  1. renderExternalView which only includes that page, not what I want

  2. Setting the form action to my desired page which coldbox will try to read as in event

What else should I try? I would hate to take my application out of ColdBox.

Are you just trying to post to another template?

Posting a single .cfm page one directory (level) up that isn’t in ColdBox. If that is what you mean by another template, then yes sir.

Yes, I don’t see why not. If you see the Application.cfc, ColdBox only responds to the “index.cfm” page

<cfif findNoCase(‘index.cfm’, listLast(arguments.targetPage, ‘/’))>

<cfset reloadChecks()>

<cfset processColdBoxRequest()>


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