[coldbox: 3.5.2] Modules and symlinks on Railo

I’ve posted an issue similar to this before, but now it’s getting kinda desperate!

I have a module (flo) which is used in multiple applications. Therefore, it’s a symlink. If I copy the directory, it seems to work fine, but as soon as I symlink, it breaks. Here’s the (interesting) CB log file:

“DEBUG”,“files”,“02/21/2013”,“13:53:13”,“coldbox.system.web.services.ModuleService”,“Module bugs activated sucessfully.”

“DEBUG”,“files”,“02/21/2013”,“13:53:13”,“coldbox.system.web.services.ModuleService”,“Module social activated sucessfully.”

“DEBUG”,“files”,“02/21/2013”,“13:53:13”,“coldbox.system.web.services.ModuleService”,“Module events activated sucessfully.”

“DEBUG”,“files”,“02/21/2013”,“13:53:13”,“coldbox.system.web.services.ModuleService”,“Module bv activated sucessfully.”

“DEBUG”,“files”,“02/21/2013”,“13:53:13”,“coldbox.system.web.services.ModuleService”,“Module flo activated sucessfully.”

All seems ok here, but when I got to myurl.com/flo I get:

“ERROR”,“files”,“02/21/2013”,“13:53:14”,“myurlcom”,“Invalid Module Event Called: flo:general.index. The module: flo is not valid. Valid Modules are: bugs,social,events,bv,flo”

I’ve added allowLinking=”true” in my tomcat context.xml – which should enable tomcat to follow symbolic links.

I’m at a bit of a loss of what to try next….

Anyone have any other ideas? Or a decent way to try and debug?

Tom, I had similar issues with symbolic links and I think the servlet container might be the problem as it works with a normal directory right?


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Yep it works fine for a normal directory…