[Coldbox 3.5.2] Output blank page problem

Hi guys,

I have a very strange issue on the production machine where a Coldbox Application outputs only blank pages. If I put cfabort at the end of the layout file I get the output. I can’t seem to find any differences from the other deployments.
Could it be something related to disk permissions ?



Never seen that Christian. How about adding some logbox logging to it and find traces of what could be happening?

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I don’t think it’s something in the framework. With this log settings:


logBox = {
// Appenders
appenders = {
appLog = {
filePath = “d:”,
fileName = “logfile”,
autoExpand = false

// Root Logger
root = {levelMin=“FATAL”, levelMax=“DEBUG”, appenders="*"},

categories = {
“coldbox.system” = { levelMin=“FATAL”, levelMax=“DEBUG”, appenders="*"}


I get almost identical logs as in development with the last entry:
“DEBUG”,“APPLOG”,“11/19/2012”,“06:53:54”,“coldbox.system.ioc.Injector”,"Finalized Autowire for: coldbox.system.plugins.Renderer

It ,might be something related to CF server settings and I don’t have access at the moment.

I was having the same issue and figured out it was the IIS 7.5 Request Filtering that was grabbing my request before CF server. I had to put in allow URL rules for each event in my handlers. It would be nice if IIS had regex for pattern matching for the request filtering functionality