[coldbox 3.5.3] Deployment Issues

When deploying new code to production, I am currently using the Deploy Interceptor. On the whole, it works really nicely, although I do have a few issues that I’m hoping others can help me out with.

Issue #1: Error on ApplicationStop

In the execute method, I run applicationStop(). Without fail, this always throws the following error:

Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface


While this doesn’t actually harm anything in my app, it is a little annoying and was wondering how I can go about squashing it.

Issue #2: Replication

When codes is moved to production, it is replicated to a number of servers. One of the servers is something of a “utility” server–all of the activity on it is indirect…in other words, requests from other servers. My question is what is the best way to trigger the reload of the application on this server? Right now, it appears to be a request or two behind the actual deployment of the code, but it needs to be fully ready to go when the first new request comes in that expects the new code.

I appreciate any insights or suggestions that anyone can offer–thanks!

Do you run applicationStop() on preProcess or postProcess()

For number 2 it would be interesting to add and async cfhttp call after the applicationstop.


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Hi Luis–

The applicationStop() is in postProcess():

https://github.com/ColdBox/depot-cbox-interceptors/blob/master/deploy/Deploy.cfc, line 138 (and my execute() method has the appstop in it)

RE: the async cfhttp, I’ll give it a try–thanks!