[coldbox 3.5.3] errorHandler + request timeouts

I cannot catch timeout errors using the exceptionHandler (main.onException) in Coldbox. Its most likely because there isn’t enough time in the request to run any more code. Trying to set the request timeout in the error handler does nothing.

When I use the onError() method in the Application.cfc (and increasing the request timeout), it does handle the timeout but then the CB event main.onException does not fire.

How can I handle timeout errors using the CB exception handler?

There are a lot of Exceptions that ColdFusion actually throws at run time, these can not be captured by any framework.

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It seems that that is the case although, intermittently, main.onException has handled timeout errors.

What I am doing is onError() will only handle timeouts (and other “untrappable” errors) and the rest will be handled by CB.