[coldbox-3.5.3][relax-1.7] declaring module routes & interceptor


routes = [

{pattern="/", handler=“home”,action=“index”},


interceptors = [

registering the SES and route in the moduleConfig, i get this:

Interceptor: SES not found in any state: postRender,onException,passwordChanged,onDeleteUser,afterInstanceAutowire,ORMPreInsert,onRequestCapture,onLogin,postProcess,preRender,onInvalidEvent,ORMPreUpdate,preEvent,onSuccessfulLogin,preProcess.

registering the SES and route in the host app, everything works fine. i would like to keep the routes in the module config because they only apply to the handlers for the module.

Is the core application using the SES Interceptor?

I am wondering if the module is complaining that someone has already loaded the SES interceptor?

the core app is not using the SES.

i am extending the core app as restful using a module to handle all of it. the module will require ses.