[Coldbox-3.5.3] SessionStorage, objects, nope, reset CF...again

Is it safe to assume complex objects can be stored to sessionstorage?

property name=“sessionstorage” inject=“coldbox:plugin:sessionstorage”;

function blah() {
local.checkuser = userservice.getbycredentials(argumentCollection=arguments);
if (local.checkuser.IsValid()) {
sessionstorage.setVar(“siteuser”, local.checkuser);
sessionstorage.setVar(“authenticated”, true);
local.returnvalue = true;
} else {
sessionstorage.setVar(“authenticated”, false);


the dump of local.checkuser has the data I need and the IsValid() will return true. I get no errors but even that writedump(sessionstorage) shows nothing but $mixins in the instance. Am I using it incorrectly?

Then, I bounced the CF instance and this works as expected. I seem to be having to reset coldfusion an awful lot and this test site I’m working on has a total of three really basic models, a mindless interceptor and a single plugin. Very aggravating.


You can do settings that load modules and other things each and every time, but this can cause other issues of the singletons not always being there if not coded right.

But it is easy to have an incremental number in the application.cfc

this.name = “name 2012.02.20”;

for example or

this.name = “name 2”;

But just remember the more you do that the quicker you use your memory as well.

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