ColdBox 3.6.0 - event.buildlink strange results

If you’re like me, you’re missing that 60 minutes of sleep this morning and it may show in this question.


in general.cfc I am setting rc.xehLogin = “General.doLogin”

When the page is processed, I get this:

I’m using Apache and CF10. I’m not sure why this is not building the link as “normal”. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

A few more details.

I’m borrowing a little code from the simpleloginapp just to have my clients login against a DB. I generated an application skeleton from the coldbox platform utilities (according to CFBuilder is v2.4) and I am taking the model and the interceptor from the simpleloginapp.

I can provide more details if needed.


You are passing the buildlink method a string literal of “rc.xehLogin” where what you want is the “#rc.xehLogin#” value.


Thanks… more coffee needed.

Hi Mallory,

Look like you are passing string to event.buildLink but actually it should be variable rc.xehLogin

Also you can build url from string with following formation as well, event.buildLink provide many ways to handle urls

---- event.buildLink(’/login/doLogin’)
---- event.buildLink(‘login.doLogin’)

Thanks Sana