[Coldbox-3.6.0] i18n plug-in and CLIENT scope

I am having trouble getting the i18n plug-in to initialize with the CLIENT scope as the localeStorage option. I am working with CF 9 and when I try to load the application CF throws the error “The requested scope CLIENT has not been enabled.” on line 196 of coldbox/system/plugins/i18n.cfc.

Here’s my config object:


//i18n & Localization

i18n = {

defaultLocale = “en_US”,

localeStorage = “client”,

unknownTranslation = “NOT FOUND



Here’s a snapshot of my application.cfc config:

// where should we store client vars, if enabled?
this.clientStorage = APP_CLIENT_DATASOURCE;

// define whether client variables are enabled
this.clientManagement = true;


It seems as if the plug-in is trying to access the client scope before it has been initialized. What makes me think this is that I can comment out the i18n config object, reload the application, uncomment the config object, and reinit the framework to get it to work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Do you have the full stack trace of the error? I assume it only happens once after the server has been started based on what you’re saying.



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Hi Brad,

One additional note: I am using the inheritance method of calling the framework. Here’s the screen shot of the error with the stack trace: