[coldbox 3.6.0] Question on Wirebox (getModel and getInstance)

I’m a little confused as to when it is necessary to include wirebox as a property injection.

property wirebox inject="wirebox";

I have wirebox enabled, but I still have to include it in objects when I want to use getInstance.

myObj =wirebox.getInstance(“someObject”);


Is this the way it is suppose to work or is there something wrong with my setup?

Also I was trying to use getModel in an object but could not get it to work. Should I be using getModel or getInstance to pull in a object bean?

Here is an example of what I mean.

component SomeService

property struct name=“StructToHoldObjs” setter=false getter=false;

// is this the correct way to reference wirebox in an object?
property name=“wirebox” inject=“wirebox”;

function init (){
StructToHoldObs = {};
return this;

void function AddSomeStuff (Key, DataString){

if (structkeyexists(StructToHoldObjs,Key)){

// This works
var SD = wirebox.getInstance(“OBJ.SOMEDATAOBJ”);

// These methods do not work
// var SD = getModel(“OBJ.SOMEDATAOBJ”);
// var SD = wirebox.getModel(“OBJ.SOMEDATAOBJ”);