[coldbox-3.6.0] - RC collection empty upon submitting a form with fields for some reason


I’m using CF 10 and Coldbox 3.6.0

I have a form on my page and when I submit it to my handler and dump out the “rc” scope/argument it is always empty. For the past year or so since I’ve been using ColdBox this has never happened and to be honest has always just worked. As I really basic test I created the following two files. When I dump out the “rc” variable after submitting my form all I see is and I should be seeing my form fields (at least I used to).

Any idea why the rc variable in the arguments scope might possibly be empty?

NAMESPACE | [empty string] |

  • | - |
    NAMESPACEROUTING | [empty string] |
    event | account.process |

Account.cfc (my test handler)
uploadtest.cfm (my view)


First Name:

Last Name: