ColdBox 3.6.0 Reinitialize is not seeing model changes

Quick question.

I have noticed a few times that when I make a chance to a model or a handler then reinitialize it’s not picked up. For example, I had an error on my model on line 70. I fixed the error, reinitied (I think thats a word) and noticed that the error was still there pointing to line 70. The only way I have been able to get it to clear was to stop and restart the service.

Just trying to see if there is something more I could be doing instead bouncing the service.


make sure you are not caching them in your CF Admin.

I don;t think I am but I will check that next time. Thanks

You’re probably persisting that model in another CF scope like session or application.

For instance, I keep a logged in user object in session storage. That means I can reinit, but it doesn’t clear our my session scope. I added additional URL flags such as clearSession=1 and clearApplication=1 that I use to force those scopes clean during development.



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Thanks Brad, I’ll try that.