[coldbox-3.6.0] runEvent() performs differently between Standard and Lite

I was testing out ColdBox Lite with my art gallery application and quickly hit an error .

I have a handler (Main.cfc) with two functions:

public function index(event,rc,prc) void {
rc.welcomeMessage = “Welcome to the Kung Foo Gallery!”;

public function carousel(event,rc,prc) string {
prc.artwork = getModel(“gallery”).carousel(3);
return renderView(“gallery/homepage_carousel”);




causes this error:

An unhandled exception has occurred. Please look at the diagnostic information below:
Type Renderer.ViewNotSetException
Message The “currentview” variable has not been set, therefore there is no view to render.
Detail Please remember to use the ‘event.setView()’ method in your handler or pass in a view to render.

The URL was switched to index.cfm?event=main.carousel, but I requested the default event of main.index. This acts like I had called setNextEvent() instead of runEvent(). I hadn’t, but ColdBox Lite had:

ColdBox Lite: \system\mvc\FrameworkSupertype.cfc

function runEvent(event, {etc}){

ColdBox Standard: \system\FrameworkSupertype.cfc

<cffunction name=“runEvent” {etc}>

I can’t change the Lite version to return controller.runEvent() without putting it into an infinite loop.

The documentation indicates there shouldn’t be a difference.


I’ve checked the development and master branches in Github and this code still exists. Bug?

I submitted a patch for this. It was in the super type for lite.

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