[coldbox-3.6.0] Web Administrator URL


Installing ColdBox on Debian 8, the server is running on the host ip. I do not have a tray icon, so not able to browse to the web-based administrator settings page. Using the server start host=#hostIP# and the server starts at a random :40??? port (will be a set port on production).

What is the default URL to get to the administrator settings. Thanks.


Hi Ken,

Did you install ColdBox or CommandBox?

Sorry, ColdBox is 4.3.0+188 and CommandBox is 3.6.0 so installed both.

The URL is on the tray icon. Have you tried it?

On Debian8 I do not seem to have a tray icon.

try this:


Can you do a start --debug server start to check for errors. The tray icon won’t show if there’s any exceptions encountered while trying to create it. If there’s an exception, please log a ticket so we can address it.




This works great. Thanks.

Thanks for the ticket. Also, please note we have a dedicated Google Group for CommandBox support.