Hi there guys, I have some form selects that will call a plugin to generate more form fields dynamically depending on the option selected.

The how it works is as follows:
Example: Let say the user selects 2 Adults 3 Children, when 3 children selected the plugin will return 3 fields for the client to input their ages.

In my plugin I have a CFPROPERTY:

All works just fine, THE PROBLEMS COMES If I leave the page open without doing nothing for a “x” period of time… let say more than 30 minutes approx.
after this time passes if I select or change the Children amount this error happens:

Error Type: Builder.DSLDependencyNotFoundException : [N/A]
Error Messages: The DSL Definition {ref={null}, scope={instance}, dsl={ocm}, argName={}, name={qryCategoryService}, value={null}, javaCast={null}, required={false}} did not produce any resulting dependency
The target requesting the dependency is: 'plugins.jQueryload’

Any ideas, is this something related to SCOPES?

Thank you in advance

Felipe Serrano

The default scope is instance any way, so a variables scope is kinda obsolete to some degree. Whether that fixes your issue, I doubt it. What about the actual plugin, what scope is that being store in, or is it a singleton or transient plugin.

Andrew Scott
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