[coldbox-3.6] [Railo 4.1] MessageBox Bug?

Hi there guys,

I just upgrade Coldbox from 3.5.3 to 3.6 runing in Railo and got this error. Please note that this error never showed up before in my page.

Error Messages: too few attributes in function [isEmpty]


<cfif NOT getPlugin(“MessageBox”).isEmpty() >
<cfset message = getPlugin(“MessageBox”).renderit() />


Thank you in advance guys…

Felipe Serrano

Che k if Railo has a native function like that. I think they added this feature to structs and arrays but not objects. Sounds like a bug in Railo

Luis Majano
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Yes, Railo 4 appears to have implemented an isEmpty function which is conflicting with the one defined in MessageBox.cfc. I renamed the isEmpty function in MessageBox.cfc to isEmptyMessage and updated the references to the function to resolve the issue.


Luis, is this truly a bug in Railo? They did in fact add a native isEmpty() function to Railo 4.1.

I think MessageBox will need to be updated to change the name of this function. Brian’s solution below does the trick.

Ha, just checked assembla and looks like you already fixed this! Rock on.

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