[Coldbox 3.6] Recommended way to persist a single variable?

Hi, I have another newbie question. I think this one will be less philosophical.

What is the recommended coldbox way to persist a single variable between request.

I thought I saw something on this where you could make a variable in the PRC collection persisted but now I can’t find the reference.

Lets say I wanted to track a UUID per session.

Normally I would do something like
if (! isdefined (‘session.UUIDtoken’){
session.UUIDtoken = getUUID();

Is there a different recommended Coldbox way?

Hi Keo,

You can do this in onRequestStart method … example check Main.cfc Controller of Coldbox Advance-Template.

you can check the existence of variables when request received in coldbox

Also use StructKeyExists function for better performance
if (! StructKeyExists(session, ‘UUIDtoken’){
session.UUIDtoken = getUUID();

Thank you but what I want to know is if there another recommended way to store a value in the coldbox framework instead of in the session scope.

The code snippet I gave was just an example of how I would persist a variable when not using the coldbox framework.

Thanks for pointing out Main.cfc, I had not seen it in the documents. I assume that this is the replacement for code that would normally go into application.cfc.

You could Use the flash scope as well

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Talking about prc, I like to stuff a couple things from the session into the event object because it’s very convenient and I don’t have to keep injecting the sessionstorage plugin, since per request, the event object is automatically passed around by Coldbox. So one thing I do is, in my onRequestStart method of my global handler (defined in config), let’s say I have a session variable in sessionstorage that has my current user object for the site but what I need commonly is just the users id:

function onRequestStart(event, rc, prc) {
if (getPlugin(“SessionStorage”).exists(“siteuser”)) {
prc.currentUserId = getPlugin(“SessionStorage”).getVar(“siteuser”).getUserId();
} else {
prc.currentUserId = 0;

Now, in just about ANY coldbox “thing”, prc.currentUserId is all I need and I can ALWAYS count on it being available during the request. Just another option.


I like that, thanks for the tip.