[coldbox-3.7.0] > [coldbox-4.3.0]

I am trying to update our coldbox instance to 4.3.0 and have run into an issue I can’t get around. CSS and JS are not loading from a simple link tag.

I know this might be something simple, but have not found it as of yet. Any help is appreciated.

  • Will not load in Coldbox 4.3.0, it will load using 3.7.0

  • Path is correct as it works in 3.7.0

  • addAsset does work from handler.

  • Log statement works from right before call.

  • Wont work on a clean startup, so pretty sure view is not cached.

Didn’t see anything in the 4.0 upgrade guide that highlights something like this, so not sure what I am missing.

Does 4.3.0 use elixir out of the box to the point where I can’t load css through a link? Is there a way to override this and not use elixir (Not quite ready for it)

Thank you,
Garrett Neisler

Elixir is not a requirement for ColdBox. What errors (if any) are in your browser console?


You could try to create a virtual directory that maps to /includes OR add inside tag in your layout.

The only browser console error I have is because Jquery i undefined (since its not loaded) .
No CF Console Error or Coldbox Log error.