[Coldbox 3.7.0] Using coldbox without server mapping?


I’m new to Coldbox and coldfusion frameworks in general, but I would like to try it out on my next project. My issue is I don’t have control over the CF admin mappings, so I’d like to find a way to use coldbox without mapping.

I’ve made various attempts, but am still receiving ‘Could not find the ColdFusion Component or Interface coldbox.etc…’ errors.

More specifics - using the latest coldbox bundle, and the application template ‘SuperSimple’.

It certainly works with mapping on my localhost, however this won’t help for when I try to deploy the project in a real environment.

So, is there a way to run coldbox without mapping through the server, if so what steps would this require?

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This is of course possible, you can either, just deploy coldbox in your applications webroot (not recommended), or you can use a per application mapping to accomplish this. If you use the per application mapping, then you need to use the application.cfc without inheritance, but that is what I think the SuperSimple template uses anyway, so you can just add the mapping to your application.cfc

this.mappings["/coldbox"] = path/to/coldbox


What version of cf you using

Ok great thanks Curt, and Luis I’m using CF10 on my local machine and CF8 is used in production, is Coldbox compatible with 8?

Thank you both for providing such a thorough framework -

Cf8 is compat but per app mappings are not available to cf8

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The majority of ColdBox will work on Adobe ColdFusion 8 if you have all the updates applied, but there are things like Validation which are CF9 and up. Fair warning, we are starting to work on ColdBox 4.0, and we will be moving everything to script and dropping support for CF 8 (which came out in 2007!) so keep that in mind.



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