[coldbox-3.8.1] Module Handlers

I feel like I am missing something with using handlers in modules. Even if I disable the SES stuff and make the request using the event parameter I still get a 404.

Can you elaborate on what your module looks like and what URLs you’re trying? These CommandBox commands work for me:

coldbox create app myApp --installColdBox
coldbox create module myModule
start --!openbrowser --rewritesEnable
server open /myModule
server open /index.cfm?event=myModule:home.index

I get two browser windows open. One with the SES URL, and one with the “old” URL format. Those commands use ColdBox 4.0, but I don’t think the basic module routing changed at all from 3.8.



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Using that generated code as an example I figured out what I was missing. I had tried with and without an entryPoint but my module routes were relative to the root not the module.