[coldbox-3.8.1] Possible over-creation bug? (Maybe ContentBox)

I was logging everything created by Coldbox, upon reinit. I noticed these four lines in my log:

Creating: modules.contentbox.layouts.corporattica.corporattica
Creating: modules.contentbox.layouts.default.default
Creating: modules.contentbox.layouts.reddy.reddy
Creating: modules.contentbox.layouts.TrulySimple.TrulySimple

It seemed to me that since a user is likely using one of these (or none of these, in my case) that only one or zero should be created at startup.

If it’s not a bug, that’s cool. It’s not slow, not that big of a deal. Just wanted to bring it someone’s attention. Yah, I could delete them, I guess, but I don’t like to delete core package code.

(And what I went looking for did not show up in the log…handler creation. I thought that was also handled by Wirebox, but I must be mistaken.)

The cfc’s are needed to register the layouts


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As Luis has already described, these are just notifications that the layouts / themes have indeed been loaded and any necessary settings have been setup. Usually this is very minimal stuff so that a user could easily just switch the theme.

As for the handler creation, not sure what you had been trying to find there, but if the entry point to these layouts are not called no event handler will be called until the default layout is called and used. Even then depending on your logging configuration that will be kept to a minimum as well.