[coldbox-3.8.1] Problem with ApplicationHelper in TestBox

Hi all,

I am working on writing tests for an existing application, using TestBox in ColdBox 3.8.1.
When I want to use a BDD test and test my Main Handler (that is the first one I tried, so I think it will fail on all handlers) I run into the following message:

testonException (25 ms) - Error building: coldbox.system.EventHandler -> component [includes.helpers.ApplicationHelper] has no remote function with name [runRemote] with constructor arguments

I include the ApplicationHelper.cfc file as a helper, configured in the Coldbox.cfc config file:

UDFLibraryFile = “includes/helpers/ApplicationHelper.cfc”,

How can I get this to work?

Hope you can help!


Paste your test code

Hi Luis,

I am sorry for the late reaction, but I missed your respons. I already figured this one out, I was using a .cfc as a helper, but it needed a .cfm file. As soon as I changed that, it worked like a charm.

Kind regards,