coldbox[3.8.1] Trying to conditionally activate a module

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I’ve run into a bit of a stumbling block. I’m trying to conditionally activate a module, infact, that bit works fine. I exclude it from the list of modules in config, I register it in afterConfigurationLoad(), and then I activate it further down the chain, using an inteceptor.

However, if i run an fwreinit from within the module, i can see that it hits the inteceptor, and runs the activateModule() line (no errors, i mean), but by the end of the request im landing on my missingTemplateHandler (which is telling me it cant find //views/{module}.cfm). I Can also add a dump into the onLoad function, which works correctly, and the module shows in the getLoadedModules() array after it’s been activated.

If I fwreinit from somewhere else in the application, then go to the entry point, it all works fine.

Am i missing some config option here? or do i need to activate, then reload it?

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Oh, also, once i remove the fwreinit from the URL it loads fine, without having to do anything else. So there must be something i dont understand about the framework reinit process which i need explaining to me!

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> if i run an fwreinit from within the module

Can you explain what you mean by that and show some code?



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Oh yeah, that was a bit vague!

I just mean through the URL;