[coldbox-3.8.1] WireBox mixins causing tomcat warning

This isn’t really an error but is causing our logs to bloat to an insane degree. We are getting these errors in the catalina.out log file:

Fri Feb 20 17:39:13 UTC 2015-213 component [com.wolfnet.search.model.ClientSettings] in this enviroment has not the same interface as the component to load, it is possible that one off the components has Functions added dynamicly.

I have determined that this message only occurs when we cache objects that have been created by WireBox. Most likely because of the various mutations that WireBox does to the objects such as adding the mixin methods (includeitMixin, injectMixin, exposeMixin, methodProxy, removePropertyMixin, injectPropertyMixin, populatePropertyMixin, invokerMixin, getPropertyMixin, removeMixin, $MIXED).

Is there some way that I can prevent these from getting added and still use WireBox?

I created a git out of the tests I ran. Testing an issue I ran into caching objects created by WireBox that we are inserting into memcached. All of the test scripts work fine except #4 which results in a message being added to the catalina.out file. The script still works but if you have a lot of objects being stored in the cache your log files will bloat quickly. · GitHub

Those messages are coming from Railo/Lucee.


I would report it there as an enhancement to suppress them.

If you want to remove the mixin methods, you could create an interceptor that listens to afterInstanceCreation.



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