[ColdBox 3.8.5] Weird characters generated with renderView

I’m getting some weird characters being placed into the view, and I’m not talking about Beavis & Butthead, but those pesky special characters under the “Add User” button. I placed a cfabort tag after each line in this particular view, and the characters go away, so it is somewhere AFTER the view code. When I place a cfabort tag after the renderPage() method in the layout, they return. This is the only happening on this particular “User List” view and no where else in the application. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Screen shot is below:

Looks like a BOM. You probably have a file somewhere that was opened and re-saved in an editor that didn’t know how to interpret the byte order mark and it just got appended into the file.




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Wow, Brad you are good! I’ve never heard of that before, so thanks for the lesson. I cut the code and pasted to Notepad, then deleted the file, created a new one, pasted the code back, and presto! Those pesky characters were gone. (Now, getting rid of those other two idiots in the photos is another story!)