[coldbox 3.8] CF11 error during app start

I seem to hit this error intermittently more likely happening when application is being loaded first time in the server. It works fine after a few attempts. And once it loads correctly there is no problem after that.

Here is the error:

Here are some setttings in my application.cfc

//Load ColdBox application.implementation = implementation; application.appName = appName; application.appPath = COLDBOX_APP_MAPPING;

application.cbBootstrap = CreateObject(“component”,“coldbox.system.Coldbox”).init(COLDBOX_CONFIG_FILE,COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH,COLDBOX_APP_KEY,COLDBOX_APP_MAPPING);
return true;

I am not sure if it is anything to do with my settings. If anyone can throw some light on this it would be great.


Here it is.


Hmm, I wouldn’t expect the cacheboxcacheflash scope to work since it tries to access the session scope on application start and it’s not going to exist there. In fact, I don’t see how that flash scope would work at all since the entire application shares an instance of it and it bases the cache keys off of the current session ID that the app is initted with. Seems like that won’t work at all. Perhaps Luis can comment on what’s going on there.

Honestly, I’ve never used the cacheboxcacheflash. Did you have your heart set on that one, or can you move to either the session or client flash scope?



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I think this is a bug. Can you create a ticket for it.