[ColdBox 4.0] Anchor tags and SES Routing

I am trying to use some jQuery UI menus, tabs and accordions. The tabs are having issues because they are using anchor tags. When I click a tab, ColdBox redirects me to my default page. Anyone experience this or know how to resolve? I was just using the basic example to start (Tabs | jQuery UI). Thanks


Please check if there any JS error on tab page, seems like thats why click redirect to url.

There are no errors. It works fine outside of the framework. Once I put in one of my views, it keeps wanting to take me to my homepage when I click a tab.

This is my test code that you can throw into a view…


Is tis view wrapped in cfoutput tags? If so the li’s should be ##frag-1 etc… Just a thought…

No, it wasn’t wrapped in an output. I was able to get it to work by using…

  • Projects
  • My URL on that page is “

    Without using index.cfm/Admin/admin, it would refresh my browser to “

    Is it an issue with the base href on the page? The JS library might be grabbing the URL and not accounting for SES urls.



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