[coldbox-4.0] Couchbase and ORM Entities

I am starting a small project where I will be using CB 4 and trying to get my hands dirty with NoSQL, specifically Couchbase. I have read through a number of articles and watched the webinar on Couchbase integration with Ortus products, but most everything I found was related to using Couchbase as a secondary cache and how to implement the Ortus Couchbase Extension for Railo.

Because the project I am working on is local and small, I’m not looking to use this at the secondary cache at the moment. What I am really looking for is to use this instead of MySQL or SQL Server for my entities. Is this type of implementation possible for ORM and Couchbase? Am I trying to use Couchbase for something it wasn’t specifically intended for? I’ve searched around for articles, ColdBox-specific and not, and haven’t really found the answer I am looking for.


Hi Tristan,

I would suggest that read about these NoSQL landscapes which may fit for your requirements as you are looking to replace MySQL or SQL-Server

Comparison Couchbase VS OrientDB

Q: What does acid means for Couchbase?


Q: What does acid means for OrientDB?
A transaction comprises a unit of work performed within a database management system (or similar system) against a database, and treated in a coherent and reliable way independent of other transactions.



We ha a full sdk for this


Start by reading the docs for the SDK which cover all the functionality:


Then skim through the API docs to familiarize yourself with the methods in the SDK:


Then check out these sample apps which use the built-in brewery bucket. There is a “legacy” version, and simple MVC version, and an OO MVC version that uses CFC’s to represent documents.




Thanks, Luis and Brad. Shortly after posting this last week, I ran across the SDK which answered all of my questions. Exactly what I needed!