[Coldbox 4.0] - Display full error messages?


I just downloaded ColdBox 4.0 and I have some error on one of my pages, but the error message just says:

"The full robust errors can be seen by switching the error template in your configuration"

Can someone tell me what I need to update or where the change is needed so I can see the full error message?


Yes, there were too many ColdBox sites being pushed to production with the default error template enabled which meant ColdBox was not “secure by default” so we made the default error template be more secure.

Add/edit the customErrorTemplate setting in your ColdBox config to point to /coldbox/system/includes/BugReport.cfm to get the old one back.

Pro Tip: DON’T edit the main setting. Instead, set up an environment override for your development server and change it there. That way, production is still secure. Note, that setting can actually point to ANY .cfm file you wish. We highly recommend setting a nice pretty one in production for your users to see.



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Roger that. It is working now in dev for me.

Thanks again!