[coldbox-4.0-rc] Sample Apps?

Searched this group to make sure this hasn’t been asked. Have seen the JIRA issue for it (COLDBOX-291). Scoured the web. Haven’t come up with anything. So, I woulf like to inquire about any simple sample apps for CB4 specifically. I would like to dive down into something runnable. Thanks!


I don’t think we have had the time to test our sample apps on CB 4, but Luis can correct me if I’m wrong. It would be great to get community input to help update them. You can send pull requests here:

However, our application templates (basically just an empty app skeleton) have been updated on the development branch of the main repo.

If you just want to get a blank CB 4 up and running to play with, just create a folder and run the following CommandBox commands:

coldbox create app myApp --installColdBoxBE

Is there something else in particular that you’d like to see an example of? 97% of ColdBox 3.x is compatible with ColdBox 4.x and you can get another 2.9% with my new ColdBox 4 compatibility module I released yesterday.



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OK, fair enough. I’ll grab one of the CB 3 sample apps which demonstrates something akin to what we would like to prove out, drop it into my CB 4 app space, and hit it. We’ll see if we can find happiness within that 97%. I’m only interested in seeing a good example of a working app that presents a very simple form-based flow of view, select, submit, update, re-view. That kind of stuff. Thanks!