[ColdBox 4.0] Validation error

I’m trying to validate my model using cbvlidation module.

I got this error:

Type: expression
Messages: invalid call of the function processRules (E:\wamp\www\DashBox\modules\cbvalidation\models\ValidationManager.cfc), first Argument (results) is of invalid type, can’t cast Object type [Component cbvalidation.models.result.ValidationResult] to a value of type [cbvalidation.models.result.ivalidationresult]


Hi Tropicalista,

I have seen this problem with Lucee but works fine with CF10. Please report to Lucee google-group

I’m on commandbox that runs on top of railo at the moment…

Any news on this? is a bug or what? I’m on commandbox on windows 7

I have a feeling it might be a Railo bug. I’d suggest you post on the Railo list, but there’s no one really there any longer. You can post to the Lucee list, but they’ll likely want a repro case using Lucee.

On that note, we’ll have a CommandBox beta running Lucee very soon :slight_smile:



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I will wait for the release of the new commandbox with lucee. Thanks Brad!