[coldbox-4.1.0] AOP error

​anyone seen an AOP error like this Page /coldbox/system/aop/tmp/96353845-9368-46b2-835f-534664eda695.cfm [/coldbox/system/aop/tmp/96353845-9368-46b2-835f-534664eda695.cfm] not found. ?

i have the /coldbox/system/aop as global writable

and its still happening - i can get it to work on the first request but all subsequent request throws the error until i reinit​

Hi Jeremy,

Its folder / files red/write permissions issue. Make sure /aop/tmp have full read/write permissions

What CF engine? I’ve had this before, and I think the last time it was in Railo and due to some bug where the engine would decide to delete the class from the template cache due to some exception, but since the AOP mixins are a method written to a temporary cfm file that’s since been deleted, the class cannot be recompiled. I’m thinking Micha put in a fix for it, but it was quite a while back. I’d have to go search for tickets. The core of the issues was that the CF engine shouldn’t ever clear a class file out of memory once the corresponding .cfm file that it came from had been deleted.



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As soon as I upgraded to the latest railo the problem went away. I was waiting to upgrade b/c of bug fix in Everything is working now!