[coldbox-4.1.0] cbmessagebox & setNextEvent()

Argh…missing something easy here but my time is worth more than my pride!

While upgrading to CB4 and swapping in the new cbmessagebox module instead of the old MessageBox plugin I am having a problem where messages aren’t seeming to persist after a setNextEvent(), but do survive an event.setView(). I might have changed too many things at once and something else causing this but let’s start here…

If I have a handler Main.cfc

component {
property name=“MessageBox” inject=“MessageBox@cbmessagebox”;

function index(event,rc,prc){
MessageBox.info(“Play Ball!”);

function other(event,rc,prc){

If I make a call to the Main/index action I should still see that “Play Ball!” message from the other action, right? But…I don’t. I’m suspecting this revolves around Flash scope but not really sure why/how it was working before and what I need to tweak to make it (me) happy again.


Ok some additional information. While this example still does not work on my CF9 server it is successful on the CommandBox built-in Lucee server. Looking at my CF9 server config now as that also was recently installed fresh.

It also works on another CF9 server. So it would seem I’m got something misconfigured on my CF9 Dev Server…any ideas?

Are you using your database for session storage on that DSN?

Thanks for writing, Jon. No, nothing fancy, just a plain CF9 server install and config and that simple example from within the AdvancedScript skeleton/template. I'll make sure I've got all the 9.0.2 hotfixes in place tomorrow and play with the Java version and report back. Something isn't right, but looks like environmental issues at this point.

Holy cannoli. Cleared all browser cache and everything was fine. Not certain what it was hanging on to…very frustrating. Thanks for helping and sorry for this thread…