[Coldbox 4.1.0] Issue with coldbox when onsessionEnd is fired

I get this weird application issue on two of my coldbox apps.

The applications doesn’t show any errors been in production for a long time, but if i check error logs on coldfusion i get this error.

Error building: coldbox.system.EventHandler -> Could not find the included template includes/helpers/ApplicationHelper.cfm. Note: If you wish to use an absolute template path (for example, template="/mypath/index.cfm") with include, you must create a mapping for the path using the ColdFusion Administrator. Or, you can use per-application settings to specify mappings specific to this application by specifying a mappings struct to THIS.mappings in Application.cfc.
Using relative paths (for example, template=“index.cfm” or template="…/index.cfm") does not require the creation of any special mappings. It is therefore recommended that you use relative paths with include whenever possible. with constructor arguments: {controller={[(Component=coldbox.system.web.Controller)]}}

If i remove the applicationHelper option in coldbox.cfc it moves down to this error

Error building: coldbox.system.EventHandler -> Error loading UDF library: /modules/cbcsrf/models/Mixins.cfm The UDF library was not found. Please make sure you verify the file location. with constructor arguments: {controller={[(Component=coldbox.system.web.Controller)]}}

my onsessionend in Application.cfc is

public void function onSessionEnd( struct sessionScope, struct appScope ){arguments.appScope.cbBootStrap.onSessionEnd( argumentCollection=arguments );}

and in home handler

function onSessionEnd(event,rc,prc){


why is it when the session ends the applicationHelper is losted?