[coldbox-4.1.0] LogboxEvent not found

I git strange error while migrating an app from cb3.5 to cb 4.1:

I injected the logger into a model component and all works fine in CB3.5

while using 4.1 I get an strange error

"Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface coldbox.system.logging.LogEvent. "

latest version of cb4.1 is in the root

the error occurs in \coldbox\system\logging\Logger.cfc:312)

any Ideas?


Don’t know about that one Daniel, we use that a lot. Maybe you need to reboot.

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Check for old server mappings for /coldbox still pointing to an old version. Also, disable any kind of component caching in the admin that might be getting in the way.



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Yes, it looks once more like ACF9 paths nigthmare. Even coldbox is in the root, I had to give it an expicit mapping to make it work (!!)