[ColdBox 4.1.0] ValidateModel() not working on modules model

I have some troubles with validation on modules.

When I try to validate a model that is in a module I got this error:

invalid call of the function processRules (E:\ColdfusionBuilder\myFolder\Validation\modules\cbvalidation\models\ValidationManager.cfc), first Argument (results) is of invalid type, can’t cast Object type [Component cbvalidation.models.result.ValidationResult] to a value of type [cbvalidation.models.result.ivalidationresult]

This happens when I try to use validateModel() on a model that is inside a module.

I have make some test using validation app samples. It works great, but when I try to add

cfclocation = [ “models”, “modules” ]


and validate a model inside a modules, that error came out. I’m on commandbox embedded server. I can also make a pull request to coldbox-samples app to demonstrate what is happening.

Do you have any suggestion?


I’ve made a pull request to application-samples to demonstrate the problem. Simply run the validation sample and try to edit a Car model.