[ColdBox 4.1] fwreinit is spotty

Anybody else having issues with fwreinit not working consistently?

We’re on CF 11 Update 5 on Windows 7. I can change a writedump to each of 3 arguments in a CFC, the RC struct, a Boolean, and a string. It will continue dumping the first item, for 3 Chrome refreshes with /?fwreinit=1. The boolean argument is defaulted to false, but it still dumps the RC struct. When I restart my Windows Service for ColdFusion 11, then run the same code, the boolean dumps correctly.

I’ve only used CF 11 for the past couple of days, so is there something new that may be causing fwreinit to not work correctly? A CFAdmin setting perhaps?

Trusted cache enabled?


Trusted Cache, Cache Template in Request, Component Cache, Save Class Files, Cache web server paths - all unchecked in CF Admin, Caching section.