[ColdBox 4.1] Receiving Error using aroundHandler Interceptor


I am testing aroundHandler and receiving the following error. It looks like the prc is not able to be obtained in the index() if it is intercepted with aroundHandler and/or around{actionName} interceptors.

I know there is a not on this web page http://wiki.coldbox.org/wiki/EventHandlers.cfm that states the following:
“Please note that the rc,prc references are not passed to the interceptors, you will manualy have to retrieve them (event.getCollection(boolean:private)) if you would like to use the structure references.”

I am interpreting that this is only the case for the interceptors but now the action method itself. I would like to verify if this is a bug or intentionally designed this way within the action method itself whenever an “around” interceptor is used.

The following is all of my content, including the error and files:

Thank you for your help,
Ryan Hinton

Oopsy! Something went wrong!Event: oauth2facebook:home.index

Routed URL: fb/
Layout: Main.cfm (Module: )
View: home/index
Timestamp: 06/10/2015 12:22:00 PM

Because you are not executing the action in aroundHandler(). The point of the interceptor is to surround the point of execution. Therefore, it is your job now to execute the action:

Var results = arguments.targetAction( event, rc, prc );

Kind REgards

Ahh OK! I didn’t notice that targetAction was needed. It makes complete sense, though.

Thank you!
Ryan Hinton