[coldbox-4.2.0] Error occurring with model

Hi All,

I’m getting a weird error with my model.

I have an organisation, it has an id and a number of other fields one of which is a varchar(MAX)
I also have a facility, it also has an id ad a number of fields one of which is a varchar(MAX)
I also have a user, standard fields

I have the following relations ships

An organisation can have one-to-many facilities
A Facility can have many-to-one organisations.
A User can have many-to-one Organisations
A User can have many-to-one Facility

When using the security module, the login process fails at doLogin.

At this point the User model is dumped to the browser.

Now if I empty either one of the varchar(MAX) fields it all works correctly.
But as soon as there is data in either of these fields the error occurs.

Does anyone have an idea as to why?

We need much more info. Please add stack traces error messages etc

Luis Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

P/F: 1-888-557-8057

Hi Luis,
There is no stack trace or error message.
When you login it stops at the doLogin function and displays what is in the attached file.
I have attached the screen output and the model cfc’c for the model.

Also note that it does infact log the user in.
So if the URL is changed to index.cfm the site works correctly.

doLogin.htm (2.17 MB)

Organisation.cfc (3.61 KB)

Facility.cfc (2.81 KB)

User.cfc (4.74 KB)