[Coldbox 4.3.0] CF2016 Login framework template

I am currently migrating a CF2016 application to MVC using Coldbox 4.3.0. My legacy application implements the cflogin framework to load profiles with roles, rights and user locale with a user session. In order to migrate a similar login process to Coldbox, I need templates that could help me accelerate the migration while working equally well on Adobe and Lucee environments. My questions are as follows:

1 - Are there any such templates of a secure login process available in the Coldbox community?
2 - Is it possible or recommended to continue using the cflogin framework with a new application written for Coldbox?

Thanks in advance for your reply

You can certainly continue to use CFLogin with ColdBox if you wish. There aren’t really many prebuilt security modules out there and the couple I know of never gained much traction because everyone likes to do their own thing. For the most part, how you handle logging in is part of your model and ColdBox doesn’t really dictate what you do there.



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Give a try to this: GitHub - coldbox-modules/cbguard: Annotation driven guards for authentication and authorization in ColdBox apps