[Coldbox 4.3.0] Logbox dbdebugger environment setting

Is there any way to have the dbDebugger appender for logbox to run only on production environment? I don’t see any environment setting variable that can be set for it.

Not quite understand your question. Did you mean LogBox Appender in cbDebugger? Check this out: ForgeBox: ColdBox Debugger

You can also check which environment your site is running:

if (settings.environment == "production") { ... }

The settings refers to ColdBox:configSettings.

My apologies. I meant the dbAppender not dbDebugger as described here https://logbox.ortusbooks.com/content/appender_properties/dbappender_&_asyncdbappender.html
Once I have the DBAppender defined it logs all errors in the database and there seems to be no way to tell it to only log things from production environment.

Just use the regular environment control in your Coldbox config file to modify the settings as you wish. Set your production settings in the main configure method and then override the logbox struct as necessary in the other methods.



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Awesome thanks!