ColdBox 4.3 Install on ACF2016 + IIS

Hi all,
My team and I are trying to stand up an instance of ColdBox 4.3.0 using Adobe ColdFusion2016 with connectors to IIS 6.1 but getting errors on the default install.

Excerpt from attachment:

13:00:57.057 - Application Exception - in D:/CommandBox/baseApp/coldbox/system/web/services/HandlerService.cfc : line 178

	    The method _actionMetadata was not found in component handlers.Main.

I pulled down the latest CommandBox install, used it to create a new app then pointed IIS to the directory.  Once done, ran the ACF16 server configuration tool and connected them.
Is there an additional step or configuration change that needs to be made to get this properly running?


What is the code you are trying to execute?

We just pulled down the default advanced skeleton with no code changes.
‘CommandBox:baseApp> coldbox create app skeleton=Advanced’

Starting the embedded Lucee server works flawlessly as a test but we’re planning on using our existing environments of ACF / IIS

Thank you for the quick reply!

I just scaffolded out the same template site and started up an ACF 2016u4 server and it works fine.



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We need more info to try and replicate your issue. Is your 2016 patched?