[coldbox-4][cachebox]: Looking for ideal approach for caching queries

I have a list of product names that I query from database to build a menu on my website. I thought it would be better if I could cache the query results.

Now, my question is what would be the ideal approach for caching queries? Should I use a plain solution, like storing the results into APPLICATION scope variable? Or, use CacheBox?

Any thoughts? Thank you!

By the way, I am relatively a new ColdBox adopter.

Depending on how you have your pages setup, have you thought about creating a viewlett for your menus and cache that?

I just asked a similar question

I haven’t implemented anything yet but CacheBox seems simple to configure for these situations.


Thanks for the replies.

I ended up using viewlets. I did try the CacheBox thing as Jim pointed out. It worked fine at the beginning, but as I worked more, my services threw unexpected errors such as stack overflow and variable not found in arguments. I will revisit again the issue in the future. Viewlets with cache=“true” is good enough for my needs now.

Glad to hear you’ve got that working. Also, for what it’s worth, cache=true on your views just uses CacheBox seamlessly behind the scenes— specifically the “template” cache. Make sure you tune your cache size according to your application.




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