[ColdBox 4]] Receiving Error when using pre{actionName} interceptor


When testing a pre{actionName} method, I am receiving the following error.

Oopsy! Something went wrong!Event: oauth2facebook:home.index

Routed URL: fb/
Layout: N/A (Module: )
View: N/A
Timestamp: 06/10/2015 11:21:21 AM

I believe this is fixed in 4.1

Thank you for the solution, Luis!

Is it possible to upgrade my current ColdBox 4 using CommandBox? Do I need to tell CommandBox to use BE in order to use 4.1?

Thank you,
Ryan Hinton

Yes man.

Just run: box outdated
That will tell you which dependencies are outdated. Or just run: box update to update all of them or run box update coldbox to update just coldbox

No, YOU are the man! :wink:

Fast, simple and already upgraded thanks to you and your team! So AWESOME!
… and it did fix the problem!

Thank you, again, Luis!
Ryan Hinton