[coldbox:4062] Logging ORM Entity Activity via LogBox ?

I am convinced that I could make entity logging much less suckier for
me if I invested the time to learn and use logbox to its fullest
potential in my apps.. but I'm not so sure that I would ever call it a
fun activity.. and so my questions right now are:

1) Should I even be attempting to log orm entity activity through

2) Does anyone have any details or ideas for an ORMActivityAppender or
something like that they may have already come up with and are willing
to shed some light on?

I was originally looking to do this via ORM EventHandlers and my
ORMService layer to populate and persist a generic EntityActivity
object with some RC data and custom metadata for later table queries
and auditing.... but I'm now thinking this approach could end up
taking off my foot because the overall logging and auditing
requirements of the system I'm building are ridiculous... and they
change fairly so often since some are customer/industry/regulatory
driven requirements... No, this is not fun at all Luis.

so basically, I need a high performance, sustainable, and robust
logging capability and logbox looks like it fits the bill.. I'm just
not sure about the best way to do the ORM logging with it yet... any


LOL, I know how you feel Adam,

Anyways, why don’t you list out, what exactly this virtual “amazing” logging should do, let start there and then we can figure something out.

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