[coldbox:4424] Introduction - New to ColdBox

Welcome Fernando,

I am in the same boat as you and just sent the same email to the group about one month ago. There are a lot of helpful people here that can assist you with this awesome framework.



Welcome Fernando!

I almost made the switch to another platform and just in time I came across ColdBox and it has renewed my interest and love for ColdFusion like nothing else out there was able to do!

Long live ColdBox and thank you Luis!


Aaron, basically, same thing happened here. I had – for market reasons – not developed in ColdFusion for some years now (only doing maintenance stuff) and now, developing again with ColdBox, makes me feel really great. The framework is awesome – I have to thank Luis now and ever… J

Fernando S. Trevisan (Programador)

Obrigado Fernando, espero que goste muito dela plataforma!

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