[coldbox-5.3.x] - Caching views?

This may not be CB issue at all and more a CF 2018 thing…I found the switch in CF admin to turn off the caching in development (and this is only in development locally), but every now and than a simple view template seems to get “stuck” and no amount of fwreinit’s seem to take care of anything. Is there something else (other than coldbox viewcaching configuration which is also turned off) I should be looking into.

I’m pretty sure I’m just losing my mind.


Can you be more specific please? What “switch in the CF admin” are you referring to? Also, what kind of “template”? A view? layout? handler? model CFC? Singleton? transient? Session scoped? Also, what are your ColdBox settings?

Cache template in request is the CF option…in development I don’t want that on and that seemed to immediately take of the problem…but I swear it came up again.

**I did provide that, "**but every now and than a simple view template"
and could you be more specific about which settings? Other than adding an interceptor for debugger and the debugger struct and a couple appenders for logbox, everything else is default.

Remember, I’m not necessarily asking to troubleshoot my problem, I’m really asking if anyone has had similar issues, either related to CB 5.3.x or CF 2018 relating to caching view and if there is some option I should be looking to…I’m not up to speed on the latest version or two and did not know if there was something else I should be looking at.


Thanks for the additional info. Caching template in the request shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re somehow dynamically writing .cfm files during the course of a request. Views are generally not cached at all and changes show up with no reinit needed. I would check for event caching or view caching, but both of those must be enabled explicitly so it seems unlikely that you would be unaware of that. The cbdebugger module will show you if the view of event was cached on that request. I’d check that you don’t have trusted cache enabled and double check that you’re editing the right file.

We are definitely on the same page. All the other things you bring up as good points here I was aware of or checked so I’ll go back to my original statement…I must be losing my mind. I will take a pill for that and check again later today :slight_smile:

Thanks Brad for the input.