ColdBox 5 RC1

I dowloaded this ColdBox 5 RC1 zip and uploaded it to my server. I downloaded coldbox-samples, upload it to my server and extracted it , then I got bunch errors.

Do you have the cbi18n module installed? A;so, what version of ColdFusion are you using?

Coldfusion 2016. can you attached a complete sample app with cbi18n. I’m hosting it in hostek. I used the old version of coldbox 3 no problem on coldfusion 2011

Thanks Brad, really appreciate it.

I would recommend you play around locally. You don’t need Hostek for that. Just grab CommandBox and any PC is now a CF server with zero install and very little effort.

box install
box server start

That’s all you need.

But how can i put it in the server?

Just like any other code. FTP or whatever you like to move code with.