[coldbox:5298] Re: What's up with Coldbox these days?

The first Coldbox troll, perhaps? :o)


You may be interested in following ColdBox on Twitter @coldbox or become a “Watcher” on the Assembla space (https://www.assembla.com/spaces/coldbox/team). Either way, you can observe all the progress being made by the group.

ColdBox is exploding with development. And, even greater things are in the works!


I have also found the Coldbox community to be quite active and extremely helpful - Luis or others who have posted here are always assisting other folks with questions. I bet if you watch this list for a while you will come to agree :slight_smile:


Hi hk74,

I am sure you are joking..... :slight_smile:



Never heard that before!

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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ColdBox is open source. We all can contribute to improving docs and discussing dependency injection on other pages.

Good idea. What would you like to help with first? Seriously?

And please people try not to put bad words guys or tell people to go to another community.

Nobody has said anything to the contrary, but I think with an attitude like that you should be banned.


Andrew Scott


Considering that Luis has done most of this on his own, then I think what is
there is better than any other open source project.

Yes they could have been a bit more examples, etc. But I think you will find
that Luis has done a good job to date.

Not to mention just recently he also asked for help to get this done, you
putting your hand up then?

Andrew Scott

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When I say poor, I mean poorly organized and incomplete. For example, why
is dependency injection only discussed on the models page?
Shouldnt there be a page dedicated to that or is it only related to


Can I inject my plugins too?? Recently I wanted to get the request


from within my plugin, tried to, got an error. Ok, maybe I have to inject


into my plugin. After hunting down the section on dependency injection I
see I cannot. Obviously I just don't understand this aspect of the